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Bamboo Water Fountain

This bamboo water fountain has a 12 inch long arm that can go up to three inches while the medium style has a 6 inch long arm. Theirthird arm is with a pump that allows the fountain to produce water with waterfalls of up to 12 inches. The fourth arm is small enough to fit any water consumption and is perfect for a single person to use. The bamboo is easy to clean and is sure to make a statement.

Bamboo Water Fountain Kit

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to add flavor to your home and.

Bamboo Water Fountains

This 18 in balsa barbel is made with water fountains that are easy to set up and maintain. The bamboo is a great material to add to a backyard pond as it is easy to grow and is resistant to time and moisture damage. The fountains can be used for water therapy, cooking and as a shower. this bamboo accents fountain kit is perfect for any water addicts in your home! The kit includes a 12 classic water fountain pump and a beautiful bamboo stem. The pump kit makes it the perfect place to enjoy your shopping or bathtime without having to miss a single item. The bamboo stem is also a great addition to your water fountain kit and makes for a beautiful and enduring fountain. the asian water fountains is perfect for those who love nature and the opportunity to enjoy the sun and sun bath. These water fountains are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The zen garden water fountain with pump has a stylish design and can be placed in any location for easy setup. The adjustable water pump makes it easy to customize the experience for your home or office. this large 18-inch water fountain with pump is perfect for a backyard pond or landscape painting class! The bamboo is a natural material that is easy to clean and it has a stylish look to it. The water is temperature controlled to keep you and your guests comfortable all year long.